Fall leafs  animated  overlays

Fall leafs animated overlays

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Example of how it should look for you! 


 Action download is on the bottom of the page!


Please get the free  action for this animation here https://sashachomakovphotography.com/collections/actions/products/frequency-separation 

This is PSD file . It has 2 folders with leafs   . Please watch the tutorial which is free  , so you can do  the animation  properly  . I also have PDF file instructions in my group on Facebook

If you want to do the“5 seconds leafs” animation just Open your file go to Window -timeline . Click on the box which say Create a new time line to have it active . It will show a rectangular title box . Open the file with the animated leafs . It has 2 folders . The second folder is “ 5 seconds leafs “ Click on it to activate it . Do not open it . We will grab and drag the folder not layers .Have your move tool active V is the shortcut . As you have your move tool selected click somewhere on the the picture of the leafs . With the other hand press and hold your SHIFT key on the keyboard . Drag the file with the leafs to your picture and release the file somewhere on the middle of it . Now you can release the SHIFT key . The leafs should go on the exact middle of your picture because of you holding the SHIFT key . After you drag the leafs folder . Then you just play the action and find the file where you store it and play .

   After you install the action ( which you will find here  free https://sashachomakovphotography.com/collections/actions/products/frequency-separation )  you will find it in the very bottom of your action palette  . Open the folder click on the action and play it  . Make sure to have your sittings as the picture I have here below  . You might need to change to different settings depending on your ratio  . ( did not have to . I tried it on 40 different picture s including  a square one  . This preferred settings worked on all pictures I tried including square ratio  . Read the stop and follow the instructions . It might take 5-10 min for the  rendering of the video  .Please be patient !  It will be saved  in the place you choose in the dialog box  . Find the video there and play it  . If you  want  to adjust something  can go back to photoshop  to the same file . Go to EDIT -UNDO  and the picture will go to its normal size  . Then  do your adjustments 

 If you want to use 17 seconds folder which will make  your animation to play longer 

Open your image  . Go to WINDOW -TIMELINE . Click to activate time line . If you do not follow the steps of opening the time line and activating it the video will play  5 seconds even if you used 17 seconds folder .When timeline box pops up click on CREATE VIDEO TIMELINE .A  box will appear. Open the file with the animated leafs  . It has 2 folders  .  The top folder is  “ 17 seconds leafs “ It should be active when you open the file . If it is not click on it to activate it . Do not open it . We will grab and drag  the folder not layers .Have your move tool active V is the shortcut  . As you have your move tool  selected click somewhere on the the picture  of the leafs . With the other hand press  and hold your SHIFT  key  on the keyboard  . Drag the file with the leafs to your picture  and release the  file somewhere on the middle of it  . Now you can release  the SHIFT key  . The leafs should go on the exact middle  of your  picture because of you holding the SHIFT key . After  you drag the leafs folder on the time line you will see 2 rectangular  . The bottom should be  shorter  . Click on the  right hand edge of the bottom rectangular and drag to make the length even with the top  . A small box with the duration will appear it should be 17:09 . When you are done  Both layers should be the same  length  . Now you can go to your Layer palette  and click on the title arrow  and open the folder with the leafs . I put a HUE/SATURATION  adjustment layer and LEVELS  adjustment layer if you need to adjust  the color and and the brightness of the leafs  . The adjustment won’t effect your image . It will effect only the leafs  . So do the adjustments if needed  . Then  go to your Actions . If you do not see your Actions go to WINDOW - Actions and click on them  . I have instruction how to download them on my website where you found them if you do not know how to do this  . Open the action . Play and wait for the picture to render . After it renders  find and play it  . If there is something you want to adjust . Go back to photoshop  go one step back so size of the image goes back to normal  . Do your adjustment and play the action again . Thank you ! 

The overlays work with  horizontal and square images  . You will have 2 dark bars on the site of the video if you do it over vertical image  

All Sasha Chomakov Photography actions and overlays are protected under the US Copyright law. You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of them. When purchasing this product, you cannot claim as your own.You cannot share the products or upload to the internet at all without our permission. You cannot change any products/ images as it may cause the product to not work properly.You can install the product only on your computer ( owner of the computer must be the purchases). The images provided that are enhanced with actions/overlays can only be used for personal/client work. Products that are done for clients must in a non-editable format ( PNG or JPEG)We are not responsible for any loss of a product after you have downloaded it from our site, however would be willing to send you the files with a proof of a purchase from you.Sasha Chomakov Photography reserves the right to modify the Terms of Service at any time

 Actions installation instructions 

   There are more then one way to install the actions  . The easiest way is to just double click  on the action ‘atn’ file and it will go straight to your Photoshop actions . In the Action palette they will show on the very bottom . If you don’t see your Actions  in your photoshop go to WINDOW then click on ACTIONS in the dropdown and they will appear . Click on the same action palette  on the very right up corner where you can see 4 very small horizontal lines and a dropdown will show . Then click on LOAD ACTIONS and navigate your way to the location where you have the actions in your computer. Inside of the action folder find the ‘atn’ files highlight them all and click open . Now the actions are in your photoshop and ready to use . 

Have fun