Digital  Backdrop
Digital  Backdrop

Digital Backdrop

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This is psd file 19X13 inches 300 ppi.Put the baby in between the layers and work from there .Make a rough selection of the baby including the blanket . Copy and paste into the new background . 
Make a fine selection over the background . Do shadows and the blending ( You must know how to do this ) 
After you nicely blend the baby highlight the baby layer and the layers you did the shadows on copy paste and flip vertical . Place where the reflection should be . Reduce the opacity of the baby and the layers with baby shadows by your taste . I did 70% on this picture. When you reduce the opacity if you see the blanket  from the backdrop just clone it out of the backdrop. you can also blur the reflection of the baby a little bit instead reducing the opacity depending on your picture 
Have flat copy but keep the file with the layers so you can fix things later 
Thank you
You will need basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and know how to work with layers.
I'm not providing Photoshop Services but I would help if you have any questions.
Please do not share or sell the files as they are.
Please do not claim them as your own design.
In short, it may not be resold "as is" or with minimal changes. This image is intended to be used as a background in digital images with Photoshop manipulation.
No refund on digital backdrops.

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Digital  Backdrop