Photoshop grass , fur , pigtail hair brushes
Photoshop grass , fur , pigtail hair brushes

Photoshop grass , fur , pigtail hair brushes

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Please do not buy the brushes  if you are not sure the brushes will work with you version of Photoshop  . They are made on Photoshop CC and will also work with CS6 also . Please do not buy if you have older Photoshop then cs6 .

In this set  I have 52 brushes ,  some are clone stamp tool brushes some are normal brushes . They are all with different tips or set with different settings 

The tutorial on this product  is in my Dropbox . Just copy paste the link below in a new window . If you can't watch directly from my dropbox , you can download to your computer and watch there 

grass brushes

fur brushes



Backgrounds are not included in this product 


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   There are more then one way to install the brushes   . The easiest way is to just double click  on the brush 'abr' file and it will go straight to your Photoshop brush palette. The will be on the very bottom when you open your brush palette . 

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Have fun . Video in my Facebook group and in my free videos in here           Brushes Demo   

Hair Brush Stamp Tool

Photoshop grass , fur , pigtail hair brushes